Monday, April 6, 2015

Oma and Opa's - Day 1

We had such a fun and busy day today that we already have to post pictures on the blog. It started off with me making noodles with Oma for lunch. We did a little bit of shopping today and Wal-mart and got some good deals on Easter stuff. Mama bought an Easter egg with Pop Rocks candy in it for me to try and Hayden got a teeny bit too! Hee Hee! Then Dani and her Mommy came over and we had lots of fun playing. On our way to the park, Dani's friend, Marisa, was outside so she went to the park with us and even came back to Oma and Opa's to play for a little bit. Phew! What a fun day!
Making noodles with Oma. Check out that concentration!
Hayden was more interested in his baby chick than
watching me make noodles.
Mm! Mm! Adding some butter!
Hayden tried on a Steeler's hat at Wal-mart.
Dani and I got some more Easter treats.
Oma made waffles!
I added whipped cream and sprinkles to mine!
Hayden tried some whipped cream.
Do you think he liked it? HeeHee!
Dani put on some lipstick and then kissed Hayden.
He really was Mama's "smooch face".
Tea party time!

I love when Dani comes over.
Walking to the playground with my friends.
Going down the slide with Hayden.
I had so much fun playing with Marisa and Dani.
Hayden enjoyed the swings.
Ready, set, go!
Hayden was pretty smart and would go down the
slide by himself on his belly.
Hayden and Oma fun!
Silly boy decided to go down head first!

Balance beam time.
We had another tea party.
Hayden joined in on the fun.
A picture of all of the kids. Hayden is so silly!

Poor Dani got Hayden's foot in her mouth.
Pizza party.
Here are also some videos from today. The first two are of Hayden and me trying Pop Rocks for the first time and the second two are of Hayden having fun at the playground......

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