Saturday, April 18, 2015

First Carowinds Trip of the Year

Today we took our first trip to Carowinds. It was a nice day and we enjoyed some time in Snoopy Land. Aubrey and Maddox and their Mommy and Daddy met us there. Since I am older this year, I was able to go on the boat ride with Mama. Next time I'll try out some more rides.
Ayla was pretty busy. She went on the Kid Roller Coaster twice, the boats, the helicopters, watched the show (I did too!), went on the Pirate Ships, and ended the day with the balloon ride. Daddy was not a fan of that one! Here are pictures from today.....

Ayla was so excited!
I was too!
Ready to go in!
Family picture time.
I wasn't too interested in having my picture taken.
Do you see Mama and Ayla in the very front?
Mama, Ayla, Lindsey and Aubrey were the only
ones on the coaster because they were the first ones there.
They got to ride twice without having to get off.
Time for the boat ride.
Aubrey and Ayla rode together.
Helicopter ride.
Helicopter ride selfie.
Ayla and me.
Ayla and Aubrey watching the show.
I had to sit on Mama's lap. I really enjoyed the show.

We took a little break to eat a snack.
Ayla and Daddy on the Pirate Ship ride.

Time for the balloon ride.
This was Ayla's favorite ride today.

We went out for lunch afterwards.
I liked playing with the straw.
Ayla kept me entertained by giving me lots of kisses.
Here are two videos of Ayla on rides with Daddy.
This is just one of many trips to Carowinds this summer.
P.S. Would you believe that I didn't nap at all today and didn't go to bed until 8:30 (and I would have probably stayed up even longer if Mama hadn't made me go to bed)!

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