Sunday, March 8, 2015

Visiting the Mehalls

Yesterday we drove up to visit the Mehalls. That means I got to play with my best friend Aubrey! Here are some pictures from yesterday as well as the latest pictures of Hayden and me.
Hayden hanging out with the daddies.
Aubrey and I played dress up.
Baby Maddox
Hayden and Maddox
Aubrey brought me a cupcake back from the birthday
party that she went to.
Hayden insists on feeding himself with silverware.
The boys
Hayden is so silly!
We went for a walk around the neighborhood.
Aubrey and I made Leprechaun traps.

Mama downloaded a silly app that allows her to put our faces on Disney characters.
Here I am as Princess Anna.
Hayden as Kristoff.
Here are also the newest pictures and videos that Mama took of us.
Hayden and I love Greek yogurt!
Mm! Mm! Mm!
Chili for dinner!
Hayden liked the chili too.

He got so messy that we HAD to take a bath.
I "read" a book to my baby doll.
Mama bought us cool animal noodles.
We discovered that they fit on our fingers.

I ate my whole dinner!
Hayden loves grits!
Sibling love!
Here are some videos too.....

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