Saturday, March 28, 2015

Easter Extravaganza

Today we met Aubrey and her mama in Mooresville for an Easter extravaganza.
Getting ready to go in the dinosaur bounce house.
I attempted to climb up the wall but got scared and didn't
make it the entire way up.
I liked the big inflatable slide much better!
Aubrey met her friend, Deanna, from school at the park.
We were going to go on the train ride but the line was
too long and we wanted to get eggs instead.
Oh the anticipation!

Hayden was checking out the eggs too.
Almost time to get the eggs!
Hayden watched us.
You had to be quick! It was basically an "egg dash".

After we got our eggs we enjoyed playing on the playground.
I'm such a good big sister and even played with Hayden
on the smaller playground.
This was some good "training" for my upcoming race.
Here is a video of us getting our Easter eggs.....
We had such a great time! Thanks for inviting us, Aubrey!

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