Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dinner Outside

It was a gorgeous day yesterday so we decided to have dinner outside. I enjoyed playing baseball with Daddy and Hayden liked playing on my little bike. We actually had dinner outside again today but we didn't take any new pictures. Here are some pictures from yesterday and also some new recent pictures and videos.....
Hayden is such a silly boy!

Check out that concentration.

I had to help Hayden out a little bit.
Oh, that face! Hayden is such a little ham!
Here are also the latest pictures...
The leprechaun came and left me some coins and
some green milk.
Hanging out at Mama's school.
Hayden insists on feeding himself all of the time.
He makes such a mess....hee! hee!
Snuggle time!
Mama loves to experiment with my hair.
Hello, close-up!
This is how we roll when we go for a walk and I get
a blister on my foot. Hayden had to share his stroller with me.
Happy boy!

Sometimes Mama likes to sneak in and watch us sleep.
She captured this picture of Hayden the other day.
Photo collage of Hayden
Photo collage of me
Here are also some videos.
The first one is of Hayden giggling and the second one is me singing a song that I am learning at school. It's not the entire song because it was too long to post. Stay tuned for more song previews in future posts.

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