Tuesday, March 31, 2015

15 Month Stats

I had my 15 month check up today. Can you believe it?!? 15 months!?! I was a good boy and only cried for about a minute after I got my shots. Here are my stats and some pictures that Mama took at my check up today.
Weight: 24 lbs (69%)
Height:32.5 inches (91%)
Head circumference: 47.5 cm (70%)

Selfie with Mama
Hey, there's that crinkly paper again!
Who is that handsome guy in the mirror?

Check out those legs! Mine, not Mama's.
Hee Hee!
Mama and Daddy have two more days until Spring break. I can't wait to have them home and then head to Pennsylvania with Mama and Ayla to go and visit Oma and Opa (and other family and friends). Stay tuned for more posts soon. XOXOXO

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Easter Extravaganza

Today we met Aubrey and her mama in Mooresville for an Easter extravaganza.
Getting ready to go in the dinosaur bounce house.
I attempted to climb up the wall but got scared and didn't
make it the entire way up.
I liked the big inflatable slide much better!
Aubrey met her friend, Deanna, from school at the park.
We were going to go on the train ride but the line was
too long and we wanted to get eggs instead.
Oh the anticipation!

Hayden was checking out the eggs too.
Almost time to get the eggs!
Hayden watched us.
You had to be quick! It was basically an "egg dash".

After we got our eggs we enjoyed playing on the playground.
I'm such a good big sister and even played with Hayden
on the smaller playground.
This was some good "training" for my upcoming race.
Here is a video of us getting our Easter eggs.....
We had such a great time! Thanks for inviting us, Aubrey!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dinner Outside

It was a gorgeous day yesterday so we decided to have dinner outside. I enjoyed playing baseball with Daddy and Hayden liked playing on my little bike. We actually had dinner outside again today but we didn't take any new pictures. Here are some pictures from yesterday and also some new recent pictures and videos.....
Hayden is such a silly boy!

Check out that concentration.

I had to help Hayden out a little bit.
Oh, that face! Hayden is such a little ham!
Here are also the latest pictures...
The leprechaun came and left me some coins and
some green milk.
Hanging out at Mama's school.
Hayden insists on feeding himself all of the time.
He makes such a mess....hee! hee!
Snuggle time!
Mama loves to experiment with my hair.
Hello, close-up!
This is how we roll when we go for a walk and I get
a blister on my foot. Hayden had to share his stroller with me.
Happy boy!

Sometimes Mama likes to sneak in and watch us sleep.
She captured this picture of Hayden the other day.
Photo collage of Hayden
Photo collage of me
Here are also some videos.
The first one is of Hayden giggling and the second one is me singing a song that I am learning at school. It's not the entire song because it was too long to post. Stay tuned for more song previews in future posts.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Funny Stories 1

So I have decided that I need to start writing down some of the funny things that Ayla and Hayden do and say. I'll be "guest blogging" on their blog to share quick, funny stories.

Story 1 - Ayla has decided that every Friday is "Jammy Day" where she gets to wear her pajamas to BeBe and Pappy's house (Hayden does too). The other morning, I told her we had to go get Hayden. Ayla was still putting her pajamas on and wasn't ready yet. She said to me, "Mommy, not yet, I'm not jammied up yet!" 

Jammied up? Hahaha

  Story 2 - Ayla loves to listen to stories at night time. The other night we were reading one of her German fairy tale stories and in it was an old lady with a cane. Ayla stops me and says "Look, Mommy! That old lady has a cane just like Nana does!"

As a literacy teacher, I was proud that she is making connections. :-)

Story 3  - The other day, I got a yogurt for Ayla. She likes the Greek yogurt with the fruit on the bottom, so I told her I would mix it up for her and then she can eat it. She turns to me, says "Teamwork" and holds her fist out for a fist pump. Haha!

My favorite words of Ayla's:

needle = k-needle
design = kesign
hand sanitizer = hanitizer 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Gorgeous Day To Go Out and Play!

Yesterday we had gorgeous weather! We met Aubrey, Maddox, and their Mama at Jetton Park. We walked a lap around the park (Hayden even walked for a little bit!) and then we played on the playground. Afterwards, we ate a picnic lunch. It was so much fun and I love spending time with Aubrey!
Enjoying a stroll though the park.
Hayden sure does love me!

Somebody made this Tee Pee in the park.
I love the big swings at the playground.
Mama tried to get a cute picture of us.
Hayden doesn't always cooperate. Hee Hee!
Lunch time!
Check out that silly baby brother of mine in the background. Haha!
Mmm! Donuts for dessert.
After Jetton, we went to the White Water Center
to see the green rapids.
It looked so neat!

Just hanging out with Daddy.
Hayden insisted on taking the entire bag of goldfish!

Here are also the most recent pictures from this past week....
Last Sunday we went to the playground at Mama's school.
Shout out to Carson and Laney!
We miss hanging out with you at this playground!
Hayden also got his passport picture taken last Sunday.
I was a big help and made silly faces so that he would be happy.
Cheese! Pappy sent this picture to Mama while she was
at work one day last week.

Check out Hayden's big bump on his head.
Boys will be boys!
Playing in the rain. I had so much fun!
TGIF! Mama loves hanging out with us crazies on the weekend.
Mommy's Lucky Charm.
Daddy ran the "Color Me Green" race at the White Water Center.

Hanging out at the Flying Saucer
The weather is becoming nicer so hopefully we'll be posting more outdoor pictures. Carowinds opens again soon so stay tuned!
Sending hugs and kisses to all!