Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Day!

Today we had an official snow day with real snow! Mama and Daddy were off of work and I was up bright and early ready for some snow fun. We went outside first thing this morning because it is North Carolina and the snow doesn't last too long. We made snow cream and Mama even let me eat it for breakfast. When Hayden woke up he came outside for a few minutes too. Here are the pictures from our day....
I was so excited!
Ready to play!
Mama and me
Mama and Hayden.
This is right after he woke up.
A picture with our snowmen.

We took a picture with Daddy too.

Hayden liked touching the cold snow.

My snowman and me.
Hayden with his little snowman.

Kisses from Sidney.

We made snow cream firs thing this
morning and Mama let me have some
for breakfast!!!
I made a snow angel.
Can you see it?
I love snow days! They are so much fun!
Here are also a few short videos that Mama took....

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