Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Day!

Today we had an official snow day with real snow! Mama and Daddy were off of work and I was up bright and early ready for some snow fun. We went outside first thing this morning because it is North Carolina and the snow doesn't last too long. We made snow cream and Mama even let me eat it for breakfast. When Hayden woke up he came outside for a few minutes too. Here are the pictures from our day....
I was so excited!
Ready to play!
Mama and me
Mama and Hayden.
This is right after he woke up.
A picture with our snowmen.

We took a picture with Daddy too.

Hayden liked touching the cold snow.

My snowman and me.
Hayden with his little snowman.

Kisses from Sidney.

We made snow cream firs thing this
morning and Mama let me have some
for breakfast!!!
I made a snow angel.
Can you see it?
I love snow days! They are so much fun!
Here are also a few short videos that Mama took....

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cheez-it Math

These videos are a couple of weeks old, but we are catching up on photos and pictures on the blog today so here are the videos that Mama took while I was doing "Cheez-it math". Can you tell that both of my parents are teachers? Hahaha!

Random Pictures and Videos

So we never posted the last couple of pictures of when Oma and Opa were here so we'll do that now. :-) Here are also Mama's latest phone pictures and some random videos....

We were all ready for bed but wanted to take a picture together.
I am so silly!
Selfie with Oma and Opa.
Selfie with Mama.
I love bath time!
Silly, silly boy!
Mm! Mm! Puffs!

I was sick on Thursday but am feeling
much better.
More bath time fun.

Who is that handsome frog?
Hey! That's me!
Here are also several random videos from Mama's phone. Enjoy!
Ayla talking about a "K-needle" and making a "K-sine" (design)

Ayla singing a song in German
I love Sidney
I can't remember if we posted this video already. I'm a climber!
Aunt Michelle sent  us a link to the "Cuppy Cake Song". I love to watch it over and over and over again.....
Sending hugs and kisses to all! Love you!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Daddy & A Snow Day!

Yesterday was Daddy's birthday and we had a snow day so Mama and Daddy got to stay home! Yay! Here are a few pictures and videos from yesterday.

There wasn't much snow to play in.... was mostly ice!

Hayden wasn't too sure of what to think!
Maybe it's not so bad!
I helped Hayden walk in the snow.
The birthday boy, Daddy!
Silly Hayden. He took his pants off and
climbed onto the toy box.
Little stinker!
Mama also took one video of us outside and some videos of Hayden attempting to walk. He's getting better and better. Pretty soon he will be unstoppable!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and I had the best valentine, Hayden. We had a little photo shoot with Mama and then went to Nina's second birthday party. Here are some pictures from yesterday.
Playing together after we got up.
Me and my Valentine, Hayden.
I put this puzzle together all by myself.
Mama with two of her favorite Valentines.

Selfie with Mama.
Mama and Hayden
Enjoying the nice weather at Nina's birthday
Nina's awesome birthday cake.
Her Mommy did a great job!!
The birthday girl and me.
Do I have any frosting on my face?
Hayden enjoyed the cake.
He also enjoyed lounging on Nina's
little couch. Hee Hee!