Saturday, January 3, 2015

First Birthday Party

Today was my first birthday party and boy was it fun! Mama decided to do a train theme for me and made some awesome decorations and an amazing cake! BeBe, Pappy, Nina and her Mommy and Daddy, and Lilly, Macy, Riley and their Mommy came to celebrate with me. I was the only boy, but that's okay. I had fun playing with everyone but I especially liked baby Riley! Here are lots of pictures from my party and some videos too....
My birthday cake!

"A Year of Hayden" train

So there was a reason for those monthly photo shoots?

I get it now!

The "photo booth" that Mama made.

Party favors....every kid got a train car with their name
on it filled with chocolate coal.

One more cake picture!

Ayla the train

Hayden the train

Mama the train

Sidney the train. Hee Hee!
Mm! Mm! Food

More food.

I enjoyed eating with all of my friends.

I was impatient waiting for my cake!

Birthday boy!

Trying out the cake.

All of my friends minus Riley

Do I have any frosting on my face? Hee Hee!

I got the frosting everywhere!

I was such a mess that Mama had to give
me a quick bath.

I LOVED baby Riley.

Lilly the train

Nina the train
Here are some videos. Thanks to modern technology and cell phones we got several videos of everyone singing Happy Birthday to me. Michele is the "official videographer" because she always captures everyone in the video. Bebe also tooka video but it's mostly of just me. The other videos are of me enjoying my cake.....
Thank you to everyone for coming to my party to celebrate. I had a great time!

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