Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Performance

Today was my Christmas performance at school. Mama, Daddy, Hayden, BeBe and Pappy came to see me! I was so excited to perform on stage and show off all of the songs that I have been learning at school. Mama took some videos and Daddy took the pictures. Unfortunately the quality is not that great but you can still see how cute we were. Mama and Daddy also finally met my friend Veehaan (not at all sure how to spell that one). They actually sat next to his Mama at the performance and didn't realize it until later on. We got our picture taken together. Enjoy the pictures and videos......
Walking onto the stage.

Waiting to perform

Hi, Daddy

"Two little candy canes winked at me!"

A picture with Veehaan

Out to lunch at Chili's

A picture with Mama

Our dresses matched in color.

A picture with BeBe and Pappy
Here are the videos from today's performance.....enjoy......
One more day of school and then I have Christmas break. Only a few more days for Mama and Daddy. Yay!

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