Friday, December 5, 2014

An Early Christmas

Uncle Dave, Aunt Mica, Mallory and Logan came to visit for Thanksgiving. All of the grandkids got an "early christmas" since Mallory and Logan will not be here for Christmas. Mama attempted to take some cousin pictures but it's nearly impossible to get a good picture with 4 of us. We did all sit still for a picture with Nana though.

Hayden likes his new toy.


As mentioned above, it was impossible to get a good
picture of the four of us.

Those silly baby brothers just were not in the picture mood.
Present time.

This is the tree in our room.

We actually got a good picture with Nana.

Last weekend we also went to Nina's house for their annual "Turtle Neck" party. Hayden and I didn't have turtle necks but we did get dressed in the Christmas spirit with Hayden's shirt and my Christmas sweater. We had so much fun hanging out with Nina and playing at her house.
The Harbin family.

Hayden and I liked Nina's rocking horse.

Hayden and Nina.
Stay tuned for more Holiday fun and for Hayden's 11 month blog. It's been a busy week for Mama but she plans on taking pictures tomorrow (hey, it's only a week late!). HeeHee!

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