Monday, December 22, 2014

11 Months

I know, I know....we are WAY behind on this blog considering I turn 1 years old in 9 days. What?!?! We have been busy, busy. Mama did take the pictures about two weeks ago. I didn't want anything to do with the big monkey though and it is almost impossible to get a picture of me being still. I am a mover! Here is my 11 month questionnaire....

Height: Umm....we didn't get around to this.
Weight: Didn't get to this either....oops.
Sleeping Patterns: I'm pretty consistent with two naps a day and go to bed around 7:00. Mama switched me to a night time bottle of formula but still nurses in the morning. 
Eating Habits: I'm pretty much strictly on formula except for one nursing session in the morning. Baby food is a thing of the past and I love to eat. I probably eat more in one sitting than Ayla does.
New Food I Like: If it's food, I like it. Hee Hee!
New Discoveries I Made: I'm not walking yet, but I am a "furniture walker". I still love to shove absolutely everything in my mouth so Mama and Daddy have to keep an extra close eye on me.
My Accomplishments: Just growing and moving and grooving. I like to "whistle" and make clicking noises with my tongue. Would you believe that I still don't say Mama???
Places I Went: We went to the Speedway for Carolina Christmas to see the Christmas lights.
Special Memories: Oma and Opa came to visit. I enjoyed my first Thanksgiving meal and spent time with my cousins. Oh, and I met Santa. I am NOT a fan. Check out the "Carolina Christmas" blog. Oh boy!
Current Likes: Ayla (she always makes me smile..well, unless she takes my toys. She current dislikes), food, and playing "roller coaster" when Mama picks me up from work. She lifts me up in my car seat and pretends that I am on a roller coaster ride.
Current Dislikes: Santa! And I don't like it when Ayla takes my toys or somebody tells me "no". The tantrum phase is starting to show.

Here are my 11 month pictures.....better late then never, right???
These pictures certainly capture my personality....Hahaha!
Umm.....I have to sit still?

Mama took my golf club toy to take pictures!

Silly Ayla.

I got my golf club back.
Master manipulator...hee hee!

Can you tell that I would not sit still
and wanted nothing to do with this photo shoot?

Big baby belly.

Trying to escape....

Selfie with Mama.

She had to hold on tight...

.....let me just try and eat that golf club.
I hope you enjoyed the pictures.
Stay tuned for Christmas pictures. Mama and Daddy are home for two weeks.....yay!!

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