Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Carolina Christmas

On Friday, we went to the Speedway to see the Christmas lights. It's been a tradition for Mama, Daddy, and Ayla ever since she was born. This year I got to join in on the fun. Since Uncle Dave, Aunt Mica, Mallory and Logan were here for Thanksgiving they came too, along with BeBe and Pappy. We also met up with Nina and her Mommy and Daddy, but unfortunately we didn't get any pictures with Nina. Mama did take a lot of pictures with Santa included. Just like my big sister, I am not a fan! Enjoy....
Ayla was so excited!

Ayla and a really pretty nativity.

Ayla and Mallory enjoyed the animals....

....especially the camel.
There were lots of pretty trees.

Mama tried to get a picture of me with a
tree too!

The girls enjoyed the petting zoo.
A picture with Mama.

Cousins! (Minus Logan)

Pappy played peek a boo with me.

The girls enjoyed some mini fried donuts.
I'll get to try them next year.

A family picture.

Santa picture = epic fail!

Get me off! Get me off!
Despite the Santa incident, I had lots of fun. I can't wait to do more fun Christmas activities....stay tuned.

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