Sunday, October 5, 2014

Happy Birthday, Aubrey (9/27/14)

Our computer has been acting up for a while now so we are WAY behind on blogs. Here's to attempting to catch up....

On September 27th, Aubrey turned 4 years old. She invited us to come to Bounce U and enjoy the bounce houses with her. Mama, Hayden, and I went and had a great time. Here are pictures from Aubrey's birthday.....

Check out this super big slide!

Ready, set, go!


Hayden didn't bounce but Mama let
him sit on the bounce slide for a minute.

Here are some random phone pictures from the last couple of weeks...
Selfie with Mama
Kisses from Hayden
Hayden loves Mama!

Happy boy!
Happy girl!
Mama and cookie monster. Hee Hee!
Look who is pulling himself up ALL of the time!
Sibling play time love!
Fun at the park.
Guess who loves Cheerios???
Two feet on the table.....silly boy!
Snuggling with Nana.
Mmm! Mmm! Waffles!
Stay tuned as we try to catch up on the blog some more.....

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