Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day of Preschool!

Today was my first day of preschool! Last night I told Mama, "I'm a little bit scared but I'll be okay." She made sure that I had a super cool lunch and made me a sign for my first day. Daddy made sure that I had all of my things when he took me to BeBe and Pappy's and BeBe and Pappy were ready to take me to school today. I had a great day and was so excited to tell everyone about it! Since Mama had to work, she gave BeBe and Pappy her camera to take lots of pictures....we know how she LOVES to take pictures. Thank you for capturing my day for me!
My lunch, made with love, by Mama.

Mama gave me this sign that she made.

Selfie with Mama (really early in the morning!)

Showing off my Frozen lunch box.

My sign from Mama.

Showing BeBe my lunch when I got there this morning.

Ready to go!

In the car....

....walking in...

...in front of my classroom...
...giving my teacher, Ms. Rima, my lunch box...

....showing her my picture....

....and ready to start my day with my new friends!

Pappy picked me up and I was ready to go home.
When Mama asked me what my favorite part was I told her it was playing on the playground. I also told her that I gave my teacher lots of hugs and showed her everything that we did. I colored a worksheet that had an apple on it, practiced drawing slanted lines, and colored a picture about being a good friend.. I also made a bracelet with beads. I had so much fun and can't wait to go back on Thursday!!

*On a side note, Hayden's 8 month blog will be up soon as well as some more pictures from the White Water Center and Labor Day/Nana's birthday. Mama's a busy lady now that she's back at work!

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