Saturday, September 13, 2014

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

It's blog catch up time! Last weekend Aubrey and her Mommy and Daddy came over. The two of us got to dress up in Anna costumes and do lots of crafts. Mama took lots of pictures and we finally have time to post them and many others as well. Enjoy lots of pictures....
Princess Anna
Do you want to build a snowman?
I loved playing dress up.
Aubrey dressed up too.

We made some sand art.

Check out that concentration!

Poor Hayden had to put up with our
Here are some of Mama's most recent phone pictures....
Good morning!
Happy boy!
Mama and Hayden selfie.
"Hi, Mama!"
"These aren't good table manners?"
"Hee Hee! Check out my foot!"

Here are some pictures from our last visit to the White Water Center and Nana's birthday.
Nina and me.

It was hard to hold on to two of them!

Check out this snazzy fellow!

Happy birthday, Nana!

Hopefully we won't get so far behind on the blog again. Oh, and a quick school update.....I LOVE IT!!! We've been busy learning about sea creatures, making rainbow fish and sea horses, and learning new songs. I come home from school with lots of things that I've made. Today, Mama and I painted a big picture frame pink and we are going to hang it in my room so that I can display all of the cool things that I've done. Pictures to follow soon (hopefully! Hee Hee!).

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