Monday, September 8, 2014

8 Months Old!

Well, technically I am 8 months and 1 week old. Mama has been very busy with work so she was a little late getting my monthly picture taken. Better late than never, right?
Height: TBD when she has time to measure me
Weight: Again TBD
Sleeping Patterns: Ohhh my....I probably don't even want to share. Mama can't even remember the last time that I slept through the night. I like to wake up around 2:00 a.m. for a little snack and I'm usually up again around 5:00 - 5:30ish. I have been going back to sleep in the mornings though and most morning Daddy has to wake me up to take me to BeBe and Pappy's. Sometimes I like to take two naps, sometimes I like to take 1. I guess I should get this sleeping thing under control, huh? Sorry, Mama, I'll try to do better!
Eating Habits: I still love to eat (see above for my middle of the night snack! Hee Hee!) Mama is still nursing me about 3 times a day (that doesn't include my night time feeding, so I guess it's 4). I haven't been drinking too much milk at BeBe and Pappy's during the day....just a few ounces. I'm happy and healthy though and I love all kinds of baby food. I'm still eating around 3 big containers of baby food and have added some table food into the mix. I love: puffs, yogurt bites, ritz crackers, baked potatoes (Mama makes it so it's almost like mashed potatoes), and I tried goldfish crackers too!
New Foods I liked: Mama mentioned some of them above....ritz crackers, baked potatoes, goldfish crackers, and I eat pretty much every jar of baby food that I try. For lunch and dinner I get the mixed food. Some include: turkey, rice and mixed grains; chicken noodles; chicken and rice with veggies. You can it, I'll eat it!
New Discoveries I've Made: I'm pretty quick with my scooting skills now. I'm babbling a lot, but still no "Mama". "Bababa" is my phrase of choice right now.
My Accomplishments: Growing teeth! Check it out! I have 8 now!!!
Check out those teeth!

You can even see the top ones when I smile now!
I am also able to hold myself up and stand for a few seconds if I am holding on to something!
Places I went: We didn't go anywhere new, but we did have another trip to Carowinds and we went to the Mehalls to go swimming in their pool.
Special Memories: Every day is a memory....I'm so curious about everything and love learning new things every day!
Current likes: Ayla, Nana (I always have smiles for her and will actually sit on her lap for short periods of time), bath time, our Pittsburgh Pirates baseball bat, Ayla's plastic golf club, and of!!
Current dislikes: I'm still not a fan of the car seat. I don't like getting strapped in. I'm okay once we are in the car...but only for short trips.

Here are the pictures from the photo shoot. The pictures with Jacko are not so easy to come by. I am a squirmy wormy!!

I didn't really want to sit still for this
photo shoot.

Ayla didn't mind posing with Jacko.

We took the photo shoot downstairs.

Those toes are so cool!

Oooh.....can I balance?

I'll crawl underneath my exersaucer instead.

Hmmm....what's in this toy box?
Hi, Mama!

I'm such a big boy!
 Again, better late than never! Mama has been super busy but we will be posting some more updates very soon. Love and miss you all!!!

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