Monday, August 11, 2014

The Newest Pictures

Here are the latest pictures that Mama has taken over the last week. We met up with some friends, had some friends over and have just been enjoying these last couple of  days of summer break (again, sniff! sniff!). Enjoy.....
The other day there was a turtle in the yard!

Hey there Mr. Turtle
 Mama decided to take a couple of pictures of me in my cute overalls. I kept crawling up to the camera. Hee Hee!

Hello close up!

There are a few food remnants in my nose.
Hee Hee!

Ayla and Delaney.

We met up with some of Mama's friends that she used
to work with.
Another little photo shoot.
Another pair of overalls.

Lisa and Amy (and Ted) came over. Ayla liked playing
with Lisa and Amy and reading books to them.

Ayla decided that Sidney needed to be tucked in on the couch.

Smooches for Sidney!
Here are the most recent "phone favorites" from this past week....
Ayla loves me so much!
I like to sit up and play now.
Looking good in my new outfit from
Uncle Dan and Aunt Kathie.
"You mean to tell me I don't get any food
at the diner???"
"That's okay. I'll wait a little longer until
my belly is ready for more food."
Ayla and Delaney played outside of the diner.
Kissy face!
Rainy day fun....just hanging out in my
crib reading a book with Ayla.
" I have food on my face?"
Silly Ayla used my exersaucer to build
a tent for herself.
Enjoying some snuggle time with my Mama!
Sadly this is Mama and Daddy's last full week of summer vacation. Where oh where did the time go???

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