Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Last Days of Summer Fun!

Summer break is officially over...Mama and Daddy went back to work today. We had a great summer together and loved seeing al of our family and friends and making lots of fun memories. Here are the pictures from this past week. They are a bit out of order and random because sometimes Mama used her phone and sometimes she used the cameras.
Enjoy the pictures....

Sprinker fun in the backyard......

WhiteWater fun with the Ottos:

Mama found out about a park in Denver (North Carolina not Colorado...Hee Hee!) That has a little splash pad. We finally ventured out to check it out....
Just lounging in the sunshine.

Isn't it awesome?

Hi, Mama!

Purple cat!
Here are Mama's favorite phone pictures from the past week:
Hayden enjoyed his ducky tub outside.
I liked splashing him.
I also liked playing in my sprinkler.
Mama and I went to the library one day....
just the two of us while Hayden took a nap.
It was so much fun and I got to play
with toys and puzzles.
Hayden close up.
Do you see his teeth?
Fun in the pool with Daddy.
Hayden relaxing by the pool.
I tried chicken tacos for the first time!
Hee Hee! Mama let me play in the water
in my clothes.
Hayden liked to play outside in his excersaucer.
Little crab bum!
Hayden and Mama selfie.
A picture by the lake at the park.
Mama and me selfie.
Pretty view!

Hayden's a mover! He got under his
Chef Ayla at your service.
Poor Hayden has gotten a lot of teeth!
He has six through and two more on the way.
Just lounging at the White Water Center.
Check out his sandals!

We met Nina and her Mommy and Daddy.
We enjoyed a little walk around the rapids.
Daddy and Hayden.
Hayden fell asleep and took a little snooze.
Just hanging by the pool at Carowinds.
Mama let me lick the batter for the first time
ever. I've been so deprived!
I loved it!
And here are a few videos from this past week:
Fun at the splash pad at Beaty's Ford Park:
Just hanging out in Hayden's crib reading him a book:
These were actually from a couple of weeks ago but Mama thinks that we forgot to post them. Sorry if they are repeats. :-)
Phew! What an update. 
Pretty soon I'll start a new adventure. I finally got registered for Preschool today (Thanks BeBe and Pappy for calling and getting that all taken care of today!) I have open house of Friday and you know Mama will take a ton of pictures and then I start next week. I'll go on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Stay tuned....

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