Sunday, August 3, 2014

Cousin Time Again!

Uncle Dave, Mallory, and their friend Scott came on Friday to spend the weekend in Charlotte. That meant that I got to spend time with my cousin Mallory again! Yay! On Saturday the guys went to a soccer game all day so Mama took me over to BeBe and Pappy's house so that I could play with Mallory all day. When Mama picked me up she said that Mallory could spend the night at our house if she wanted to and she did!! We had fun making blueberry muffins and got to sleep on the sofa bed in the bonus room. It was so much fun! Here are some pictures from the weekend....

Hayden liked playing with Uncle Dave.

Ready for our sleepover. Hayden snuggled for a little bit.

Making muffins.

We took turns.

Dancing to Mickey Mouse

Mama made us each a "stage".

Sleeping beauties.

BeBe got us matching Frozen shirts.
Hayden likes to play in his excersaucer.

Mama read us books.

Swinging with Nana.

Mama braided our hair like "Elsa's".

Hayden on the move.
Here are Mama's "phone favorites" from the last couple of days:

Mama and Hayden selfie.
Selfie with Mama.
I love Hayden!
Big boy sitting by himself.
We went to the Otto's and all they had
were Browns blankets!
Hayden thinks it's just plain silly to be
a Browns fan.
Baby brown eyes.
Hayden snoozing on Mama.
Sidney and Hayden. She's such a good doggy!
Here are a couple of videos that Mama took on Saturday while she was home with Hayden:
Mama changed the camera on her phone so that Hayden could see himself while he was looking at it. These were the videos that she took. Hee! Hee!
We had a fun weekend and can't wait to see you again in October!

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