Sunday, July 13, 2014

Wilmington - Phone Pictures

Phew! Here are the last of our vacation pictures. These are Mama's "Phone Favorites"
Day 1:
The very first beach picture.
Can you tell that it was windy? : )
Happy Hayden.
Enjoying the porch swing before dinner.
A picture with Aubrey after dinner.
A family picture.
Day 2:
Just hanging out in the beach tent.
Future beach model??? Hee Hee!
Hi, Mama!
Hayden enjoying the view.
A family picture by the river.
A picture with the battleship.
Day 3:
Last day on the beach.
It was a beautiful day.
Again, Phew! That was a lot of vacation pictures. Stay tuned though because on Thursday we are heading up to Pennsylvania to visit Oma and Opa for a week and celebrate Tara getting married. Then we are going to celebrate Mallory's 4th birthday and meet baby Logan. Pictures, pictures, and more pictures are in the future!!

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