Sunday, July 13, 2014

Wilmington - Day 3

Our third and final day at the beach was perfect! We ended up staying for 5 hours. We then enjoyed an evening at the playground and Ayla got to have smores. I can't wait until I can try yummy things like that.
Our last beach day. Look at that beautiful water.

Oooh! There comes the water.

Feet in the water!

Snuggling with Mama in the carrier. I took quite a
few naps like this.

Ayla collected more seashells.

Mama and me selfie.

Ayla and me.
I was too interested in the sand to look
up for the picture.

Phew! Beach days are exhausting so I took a nice nap.
Pretty Ayla ready for dinner.
Selfie time...

Daddy and Ayla.

We went over to Aubrey's trailer for a little bit.

Walking to the playground.
I borrowed Aubrey's stroller and the girls
took turns pushing me.

Both girls also took turns pushing me in the swing.

Mmm! Mmm! Smores.
Another busy and fun day.

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