Sunday, July 13, 2014

Wilmington - Day 2

We went back to the beach on Friday morning but only stayed for a few hours because it was a rainy day. I wasn't quite as brave as I was the last time I went to the beach and didn't go in the water quite as much. Mama did not capture any pictures of me in the water because I was clinging to her when she took me in. Here are pictures from our second beach day:
Fun in the sand with Aubrey.

Hey there!

Selfie with Mama.
My smile is a bit off because of my
bruise on my cheek. : (

Daddy and Hayden.

Aubrey and I had fun chasing the seagulls.
You'll notice that the next couple of pictures are blurry
because there was a drop of water on the camera lens.

Mama had to get creative because there
wasn't a bathtub in the cabin for Hayden.
Hee Hee!
Since it was a short beach day we went to the playground at the campground for a little bit.
Check out the awesome pirate ship.

Captain Ayla.

Hayden close up.
We went to downtown Wilmington in the evening and walked along the river and then went to a pizza place for dinner.
Double stroller time. Check out Hayden sitting up!

Walking along the river.

Pizza time.

Silly girls.

We went back to the river after dinner to enjoy the view.

There was a live band and we enjoyed listening to music
and I even danced for a little bit.
It was another great day!

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