Sunday, July 13, 2014

Wilmington - Day 1

We just returned from my first beach vacation. Mama, Daddy, Ayla and I went to Wilmington, NC. We met the Mehalls there and got a cabin at the campground where they were camping. We enjoyed three nights there and three visits to the beach. Here are pictures from our first day. You can only imagine how many pictures Mama took so we have to break the blogs into days and then do a whole separate blog just for the phone pictures. Hee Hee.
Enjoy the pictures from day 1:
Ayla is ready to go!
If you notice a little bruise on her cheek, it's
because she fell out of bed the night before.

Ayla let me snuggle her baby doll and I fell asleep.

We unpacked and headed to the beach right away.
This is my very first beach experience.

Ooh! Ocean water! I didn't mind it if I was standing
but I didn't really like it when Mama sat me down.

Ayla was a little afraid of the water and enjoyed playing
in the sand with Aubrey much better.
I'm getting to be a big boy and am starting
to sit up. I'm enjoying the view.

Happy boy at the beach.

I spent a lot of my time in this carrier going on walks
with Mama and Lindsey.

Ayla and Aubrey enjoyed collecting

Mama and me selfie.

Enjoying the porch swing with Lindsey.

Daddy and me.

Ayla and Aubrey - BFFs.

Ayla snuggling in the bottom bunk at the cabin.
Mama did take pictures of our cabin. She wanted to take them on the first day when everything was fresh and perfect but we unpacked so quickly that she took them today right before we left. We recommend the KOA deluxe cabins at Wilmington. :)
The bunk beds.

The bedroom.

The bathroom.

The futon.



The view from the door.

The porch swing (Mama's favorite
part of the cabin).

The view from the porch.
Our cabin.
Stay tuned for more vacation pictures.

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