Monday, July 28, 2014

Last Pittsburgh Pictures

On Wednesday we had a little family get together. Cousin Paulette, Aunt Donna, Steve, Judi, Eileen, Sam and Tabitha came over. It was like having Christmas in July...everyone brought us presents. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Mama took a couple of pictures, of course...
Ayla entertained all of the guests. She can be so silly!
I liked snuggling with Eileen.

Snoozing on Eileen.
Aunt Donna and Ayla.

I got a picture with Aunt Donna too!
Oma and Opa both had to work on Thursday so Mama, Ayla and I went to visit Uncle Tom and Aunt Geri for a little bit....

A picture with Aunt Geri
Uncle Tom came home from work to see us.
I liked crawling over to Chloe and Sophie.
Hey there, Uncle Tom!
Ayla and Aunt Geri did a puzzle.
On Thursday, Toni and Dani came over to play and have dinner with us. Ayla had a lot of fun with Dani.
They had a tea party.

Ayla loves Oma's noodles...I can't wait to try them next year!
We had a great time visiting Oma and Opa and seeing all of our family and friends. We love and miss you all!

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