Thursday, July 31, 2014

7 Months Old

Mama can hardly believe it.....7 months old?!?

Height: Approximately 29 inches.
Weight: Approximately 18 lbs.
Sleeping Patterns: I'm loving nap time! I usually take 2 naps. One around 10:00 and the other around 2:00. Sometimes I sleep for up to 3 hours. Night time has been a little rough lately. I have been waking up around 2:00 a.m. every night for a little night time snack. It's either a growth spurt or my teeth are bothering me. It does look like my top teeth will come through soon!
Eating Habits: Oh, I love to eat! Mama is still nursing me around 5 times a day and I get 3 "meals". Breakfast around 9:00 consists of oatmeal, rice cereal, or a fruit. Lunch (after I wake up from my first nap) consists of a vegetable. Dinner around 5:00 consists of a fruit or rice cereal (the opposite from breakfast.) I also like to snack on Gerber Puffs throughout the day sometimes.
New Foods I Liked: I tried Mum Mum crackers (banana flavored) and Gerber Puffs (banana, sweet potato, and blueberry & sweet potato), oatmeal with pears and cinnamon, peaches, and plums.
New Discoveries I Made: I'm babbling more and more. My current favorite phrase is "Dadadada"

My Accomplishments: I am quite the scooter now! I can make it across the entire room if I want to.
I can also sit by myself:

Places I Went: July was a busy month! I went to the beach for the first time (Wrightsville Beach), traveled to Pennsylvania to visit Oma and Opa, and went to Maryland to meet my new cousin Logan and celebrate Mallory's 4th birthday.
Special Memories: There were so first beach trip, spending time with Oma and Opa, attending my first wedding (Congratulations again Tara and Phil) and meeting Logan and seeing Mallory. Of course, I am enjoying summer time and being home with Mama and Daddy.
Current Likes: Ayla! My face absolutely lights up when I see her! I also like to play with my toy doggy from Uncle Tom and Aunt Geri, scooting around the house and babbling. Oh yeah, I also love smiling at people out in public. I think they really like it!
Current Dislikes: Long road trips in my car seat. It's okay for short trips but I do not like being in my car seat (I cried for a lot of the long road trips).

Here are the pictures from today's photo shoot:

There's my buddy again!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Mallory's 4th Birthday Party

On Saturday we celebrated Mallory's 4th birthday at the Delaplaine Art Center. We got to make a mask as an art was really cool. Here are pictures from the birthday party...
Mama braided our hair so that we matched.

Pappy and me.

Waiting to start the art activity.
Making masks.

Check out that concentration!

My finished mask.

Hayden hung out with the guys. :-)

Mama and me.

Cousin masks.
All of the kids with their masks.
So it must be noted that I did not attend the entire party. After all of these  pictures were taken I had the tantrum of all tantrums just because I did not get to sit next to Mallory to eat Pizza and cake. Since I couldn't calm myself back down, we left the party and went back to Aunt Mica and Uncle Dave's house.
The one positive from this was that Hayden and Nana got to spend some time together back at the house. Mama even captured two videos of Nana and Hayden.
I did calm back down and had a great rest of the day celebrating with Mallory....
Giving Mallory her birthday present.

We got her a lunch box with her
name and picture on it.

Hayden wanted to join the present action too.

Nana and Hayden.
Aunt Mica and Hayden.

Pappy and his grandkids.

Mallory wanted to hold Hayden and I wanted to
hold Logan.

BeBe and her grandkids.

BeBe and Pappy and their grandkids.
Can you tell that we were over getting our picture taken?
Hee Hee!

BeBe, Mallory and me.
Mama took literally 100 pictures so obviously they are not all posted here. They will be uploaded to our family shutterfly site soon so you can check there if you want to see all of them.
We had a great time visiting with everyone!! Love and miss you!

Cousin Time

On Friday morning Mama, Ayla, and I headed to Maryland to meet up with Daddy and to finally meet cousin Logan and celebrate Mallory's 4th birthday. Here are the pictures from Friday...
Ayla loved holding Logan.

The girls loved playing on the hammock outside.
 I was very curious when I met Logan. There was someone my size there.....
Hmmm...who is this?

Hey there, Mama!

Hi Logan!

Let me check you out!


Hee Hee! So much fun!

Kissy face!
We loved spending time with our cousins!

Last Pittsburgh Pictures

On Wednesday we had a little family get together. Cousin Paulette, Aunt Donna, Steve, Judi, Eileen, Sam and Tabitha came over. It was like having Christmas in July...everyone brought us presents. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Mama took a couple of pictures, of course...
Ayla entertained all of the guests. She can be so silly!
I liked snuggling with Eileen.

Snoozing on Eileen.
Aunt Donna and Ayla.

I got a picture with Aunt Donna too!
Oma and Opa both had to work on Thursday so Mama, Ayla and I went to visit Uncle Tom and Aunt Geri for a little bit....

A picture with Aunt Geri
Uncle Tom came home from work to see us.
I liked crawling over to Chloe and Sophie.
Hey there, Uncle Tom!
Ayla and Aunt Geri did a puzzle.
On Thursday, Toni and Dani came over to play and have dinner with us. Ayla had a lot of fun with Dani.
They had a tea party.

Ayla loves Oma's noodles...I can't wait to try them next year!
We had a great time visiting Oma and Opa and seeing all of our family and friends. We love and miss you all!