Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer Update

Since Mama is home for the summer, she has lots of time to take pictures. Here is the update from this past week....

Last Sunday we went up to the Mehall's to go swimming in their pool. I'm still a little afraid of the water but using Hayden's float helps. I was brave and went down the slide (one time only)!
Just hanging out in Hayden's float.
Hayden used Aubrey's old float for
a little bit.

Getting ready to go on the slide.... I go....

Aaahh! Splash!
Mama and Hayden

Mama set up the Pack and Play for Hayden outside.

Aubrey and I played dress up.

Hayden wanted to play with us too.

He's becoming pretty mobile!
On Thursday we went to the Otto's to swim and hang out at their house for a little bit...
Fun in the Kiddy pool.

Hayden and me.

He loves the pool. Ironically, he does
not like bath time.

Ha ha! Those expressions!

Playing with Hayden at Nina's house.

Hayden loved all of the toys.

I liked snuggling on their couch.
Fun at BeBe and Pappy's house. The other day I challenged Pappy to a water fight with my water squirters and today I helped him plant pumpkins and water his garden....
Getting ready with the water squirters.


Hayden hung out with Nana in the shade.

Snack time with Nana.
Helping Pappy water his garden.

It was so much fun!

Swinging with Nana.

Hayden and BeBe.

Hayden and Nana.
So we has this awesome beach ball sprinkler but it got a hole in it. Mama does think she can fix it with one of those patching kits. For now, we have this new little caterpillar sprinkler. Mama thought the arms moved. It turns out that they don't but I still had lots of fun playing. Mama even put on her bathing suit and ran through the sprinkler with me. There are no pictures of that though. Hee Hee!

Oh, how I love Summer time!

P.S. Happy Happy birthday to my Great Aunt Sabine in Germany....Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Wir lieben dich!!!

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