Saturday, June 14, 2014

Summer Fun!

Today Daddy and Pappy ran a race at the White Water Center. Mama and Daddy's friends, Colleen and Chris, ran the race too so Corinne and Xavier came to hang out for a bit before we headed to the White Water Center too. Of course, this was a great opportunity for Mama to take lots of pictures. We are also adding pictures from the past couple of days. Mama and Daddy were officially done with school for the summer on Thursday so we've been having lots of fun together. Here are lots of pictures....
A picture with Pappy before the race.

Pappy told me that he would give me some
money before we go to the beach this summer
(we have a trip planned with the Mehalls).
I assured him that I have money and filled
up my purse. Hee Hee!

Do you see my wavy hair? Story to follow...

Corinne, Xavier and I built a big train track.

Corinne liked holding Hayden.
We enjoyed watching the white water rafters. A lot of
them fell out and had to get rescued with ropes!

It was HOT so Mama made a "tent" with a beach towel for

Just hanging out with Xavier.

A picture with Pappy after the race.
Wavy hair story: Mama told me that when she was a little girl Oma used to braid her hair after bath time. When she would wake up in the mornings she would take the braids out and her hair would be wavy. It's my current favorite thing to do and we have braided my hair after almost every bath time. These are tonight's braids...
Mama bought watermelon flavored
Italian Ice. Yum!


Tonight there were ten braids.

Here are some more pictures from the past couple of days.
Big news! Hayden's first tooth broke through. Mama discovered this on Wednesday. 
Do you see it?

Little shark!

Hayden enjoys swinging.
This was taken at the playground in
our neighborhood.

I'm such a good big sister and wanted
to push Hayden all by myself.

I'm also working on "pumping" my legs
so that I can swing by myself.

Mama's attempt at taking a picture in
front of the flowers. We can't always
take great pictures, right? :)

Hayden likes to sit up in the double
stroller now.
 Another quick story. I know that we are going to visit Oma and Opa in "summer". Well, Mama and Daddy are off of work now and since I don't have any concept of time, summer is now. I decided to pack my suitcase for Oma and Opas. It includes: 20+ books, 2 night gowns, sock and underwear. I'm ready!

Hayden still loves my pink computer.
Here are the most recent phone pictures. Mama hasn't been taking too many because her memory on the phone is full and she has to delete pictures in order to take new ones. She working on saving them all to Shutterfly so that she can delete them and take lots more!
The first time Mama braided my hair...
....and the results.
I'm really enjoying playing with bubbles right now.
Hayden doesn't quite know what to think.
Hayden and Mama snuggles.
Hi everyone! I love and miss you!
Hi everyone! I love and miss you too!
Phew! That was a lot of pictures. Stay tuned for Father's Day pictures tomorrow and of course lots of Summer fun!

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