Saturday, June 21, 2014

Splishin' and a Splashin'

This week we finally went to our neighborhood pool. I'm not a big fan of the big pool because I can't touch the bottom. I held on really tight to Daddy. I did like the kiddy pool and Ms. Angie and all of her friends were there so that was fun. Mama decided to let me try out the pool float that they bought for Hayden and it worked! Hopefully I'll get braver in the water the more I go swimming.
Holding on tight to Daddy

Loving the Kiddy pool.

Hayden's float was perfect for me!

Phew! Swimming is exhausting

Hayden loves his excersaucer!

Check out his two teeth!
Soooo I like to kick the pink ball at Hayden when he is in his excersaucer. I probably shouldn't kick it so hard or at his face but he thinks it is hilarious!! Mama took a few short videos. Don't worry, he didn't get hurt and it really is a soft ball.  Hee Hee!

Today we went to lunch at Brixx in Birkdale. Mama thought ahead and packed my bathing suit so that I could enjoy the splash fountain.....

Hayden had to watch. He'll be able to
play next year!


We stopped for ice cream afterwards. Yum!
Hayden tried another new food today....peas! He liked them much more than I did on my first try. He ate the entire container!
Always the big sister helping.

Here is a video of Hayden's first time eating peas:

Mama cleaned out a lot of Hayden's clothes that don't fit anymore and came across a box of my old clothes. She found my sleep sack from Aunt Michelle that she sent when I was about a year old. It was really long and still fits! Hayden put on his sleep sack too (also from Aunt Michelle). These pictures are for you....

Tomorrow we'll be splishin' and splashin' again at Aubrey's pool. Stay tuned for pictures!

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