Sunday, June 1, 2014

First Swim

Yesterday I experienced my first swim ever. We went up to Statesville to hang out with the Mehalls and go swimming in their pool. Mama and Daddy had to stop at 3 stores before they found a baby pool float for me. Funny thing....I didn't even like it but instead liked having Mama hold me in the water. Go figure! Ayla and Aubrey had a good time, as always. Here are some pictures from yesterday. No video of my first swim....shocker, I know!
Selfie by the pool with Mama.
I'm checking out that water and not
quite sure what to think!

The girls loved the pool float.

Ooooh! Toes in the water!

Testing out the pool float.

I don't think I like it....

...maybe it's not so bad....

Nope! Definitely do not like it!!

Those silly girls and their Barbie dolls.

I liked it when Mama held me in the pool.

Check out those silly faces on those girls!

Ayla enjoyed some dessert that she
made with Mama. Brownies, Reeses cups,
and a peanut butter/vanilla pudding mix.

Phew! Swimming is exhausting. Aubrey let me sleep on her bed!
Thanks for having us over! It's always a great time hanging out with the Mehalls!

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