Sunday, June 8, 2014

First Carowinds Water Park Visit

This morning we met the Mehalls at Carowinds so that we could enjoy the water park. The weather ended up not being so nice and it started to rain. We did get to have some fun before that though and I'm much braver this year and went on two water slides today! Hayden didn't mind putting his feet in the water but when Mama sat him down he didn't like it. He was perfectly content just hanging out in Mama's arms. Enjoy the pictures from today....
We brought the double stroller!

Hayden doesn't know what to think of the water.

What is this stuff? It's cold!


Aubrey and I heading to the splash zone.

We really enjoyed playing here today!

Mama and Hayden watched (and Lindsey too)

I was brave and went down this slide all
by myself!

I liked this slide too!
I went down it twice with Mama and
twice with Daddy.

Carowinds is so much fun!

Hayden used my frog towel.

Who wouldn't want to kiss this frog?
I can't wait to go back and play again when the weather is nicer!

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