Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day & Food

We celebrated Father's Day yesterday and it was Daddy's first Father's Day with me! We wanted to go to "The Egg Cafe" in Davidson but it was so busy! We ended up going to Restaurant X and it was delicious. At least that's what I hear since I'm not allowed to eat all that fun food yet! Hee Hee! Later on we went to the Otto's for some swimming fun and then we hung out with them at their house. I loved the water but Daddy wasn't able to get a good picture of me. Don't worry, there are still a ton of pictures from yesterday and a whole bunch more from today!
Daddy and his "mini me"

Happy Father's Day! We love you so much!

Daddy and Ayla

So, I think I've kind of claimed Llama Llama
Red Pajama for myself (although his pajamas are missing anyway!)

I love to hold him and chew on his ears!
Oh yeah, I have TWO teeth now to
"chew" with!
Pool time!

Ayla loved the kiddy pool.

Mama and me

Ayla got kisses from Trista

I tested out Nina's jumper and loved it!

So interesting! We will be purchasing
one soon thanks to all of the
Toys R Us gift cards that we have
been saving from Cousin Paulette.
Thank you!
I like to be in bed between 6 and 7 so Mama and
Daddy brought the mini pack and play.
Look at how LONG I am!

Definitely need to bring the big pack and play
next time.

The daddies played corn hole.
Ayla liked getting their bags.

Ayla and Nina made it a little bit difficult for the
daddies to play. Hee Hee!

The daddies and their girls.
Ayla and I recorded some special Father's Day messages for Daddy:
Today we had "fun with food". Ayla enjoyed some raspberries and discovered that they fit on her fingers. I got to try carrots for the first time! Yum! I ate the entire container (Mama's plan is to make her own baby food for me but for right now the Gerber stuff is easier. She'll start making it when I can have more than one food at a time.)
Ayla thought it was funny that she
could put the raspberries on her fingers.


My big sister loves me!

I promise, I did eat the carrots even
though it looks like they all ended up
on my face and bib.

Mm! Mm! Mm!

Ayla is also trying more and more foods lately.
Mama made her a "Mickey" burger and
"Mickey" potatoes. She ate the whole burger!

One day Mama will make cool food like that for me too.

I had to watch Ayla, Mama and Daddy eat their dinner.

I may as well prop up my leg and get comfy, right?
Here are the videos of me trying carrots for the first time. I was a little cranky and couldn't get the food in my mouth quick enough! Of course, Ayla had to feed me again too. :)
I'm looking forward to eating carrots again and then starting to incorporate more veggies and fruits into my diet.
Sending smooches to all!!!

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