Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Braids & Bouncing

Ah Summer time! It's so nice having Mama and Daddy home. I love spending time with them. Mama is perfecting braiding my hair and Daddy and I get into shenanigans at night time when we play upstairs in my play room. Here are pictures to prove it....
Mama braided my hair today just like
Katrin did last summer.

Not too bad for her first try.

Profile view

Selfie with Mama.

Feeding baby. Apparently she doesn't
have clothes again. Hee Hee!

Cool guy wearing my shades.
Hayden had so much fun in Nina's bouncer that Mama and Daddy decided to go out and buy him one today. Thanks for cousin Paulette for always thinking about us and giving us Toys R Us gift cards...we cashed them in for this fun toy....

Always the good big sister showing Hayden what to do.

He likes it!

Itty bitty baby feet.

Thanks, Paulette!
Mama recorded some videos of us playing. I accidently smack him in the face in the first video. Oopsie! If Mama had kept recording you would have seen him crying. I'll try to be more gentle. :)

Every night when Mama gets Hayden ready for bed, Daddy and I play. We normally play trains or tea party but today we got into shenanigans....I figured out that I fit inside of my kitchen. Hee Hee! The door even closes all the way! I love my time with Daddy every night.

Stay tuned for lots more blogs....just another reason to LOVE Summer time!! Hugs and kisses to all!

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