Sunday, June 1, 2014

5 Months Old

Height: Mama has to try and measure me one of these days!
Weight: According to our scale...around 16 lbs. (It's not always accurate)
Sleeping Patterns: I still take a morning and afternoon nap at BeBe and Pappy's but I've eliminated my late afternoon nap at home. I like to go to bed early though. It's been getting closer and closer to 6:00. I usually sleep around 9 hour stretches at night so sometimes Mama will nurse me around 3:30ish. I did sleep 7:00 to 5:45 the other day!
Eating Habits: I still have a morning feeding before Mama leaves for work, and am getting 3 bottles during the day (always a 6 oz. bottle at noon) but we have now added rice cereal to my meals! Bebe and Pappy save 1 oz. of my breakfast bottle and make me cereal with it. Mama makes me rice cereal with 2 oz. of milk in the evening (usually around 5:00) and then gives me one more good feeding before bed time.
New Foods I Liked: Rice cereal. I really like it and can't get it in my mouth quick enough. I even had to try and eat my toes one day....
 And this is the face I make when all of the rice cereal is gone...
Mama is going to start giving me vegetables soon! She wants to wait until school is out so that she can make the baby food herself and experience all the fun of trying new foods with me.
New Discoveries I made: My hands are still very fascinating and I seem to be able to pick out every small piece of fuzz on the carpet. Mama and Daddy need to keep a close eye on me and big sister Ayla needs to make sure that she picks up all of her toys.
My Accomplishments: I've started the "army crawl" and will scoot across the carpet by pulling myself with my arms. I always seem to be on the complete opposite end of my crib when Mama comes to get me in the morning. I've also gotten pretty good and eating my rice cereal off of the spoon.
Places I went: I experienced my first swim at the Mehall's pool and my first swing ride at Jetton Park.
Special Memories: Swimming and swinging for the first time.

Here are the 5 month photo shoot pictures. Mama actually took these today instead of yesterday since we were at the Mehall's.....
Yay! My buddy Jacko is back!

Such a big boy!

Of course Ayla joined in on the photo shoot.

I LOVE my big sister.

I love tummy time.

Selfie with Jacko. Hee Hee!

Ayla wanted to take one picture.
 Speaking of Ayla, check out her train track that she built with Mama. I can't wait to play trains with her!

Mama can't believe that I am 5 months old really does fly by!
I have to give an early birthday shout out to my cousin, Kai. He'll be 4 tomorrow! Although, technically it's already his birthday in Germany. :-)

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