Sunday, May 4, 2014

This is how we roll...

Yesterday Mama, Ayla and I went to the consignment store in Huntersville to buy a double stroller. Ayla is a big girl and loves to walk, but when we go to places like Carowinds, she still gets tired. Mama found this one for $59.99 and is very happy with it. She cleaned it and then we tested it out right away....
Our new "ride"
We had to go for a walk right away.
I love the new stroller.
Today we met Aubrey and her Mama and Daddy at Carowinds so it was perfect timing that we bought that stroller. We had  great day and Mama took lots of pictures....

Good morning!
Ayla insisted on wearing her new
Princess Sophia Amulet.
"Um, who is holding me?" Hee Hee!
Just hanging out in the stroller.
I do have to admit that I was very clingy
though and Mama held me a lot!
We went on the helicopter ride again.
Hi Ayla!
Ayla liked the Carousel.

Mama and I sat on the sleigh.
Giddy up!
More fun for Ayla and Aubrey

Daddy tested out the stroller.
A family picture.
We went on the tower ride where you can
see all of Carowinds.
One of the views
Mama and me.
Hee Hee! I am in South Caroline and
Ayla is in North Carolina.
What a fun day!
Stay tuned for my weight and height stats on Tuesday. Also, think about me around 3:45ish when I get my second round of shots. Yucky!!

Love and miss you all!

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