Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

Phew! What a busy and fun weekend! Get ready for lots and lots and lots of pictures! On Friday night we went to dinner with the Petermans and went over to their house to hang out. I love playing with Xavier and Corinne. On Saturday, we met BeBe and Pappy at Sammy's, a restaurant in Belmont and then enjoyed the park across the street. Sunday was BBQ time at BeBe and Pappy's and I was super excited because my friends Aubrey and Nina came over! Today, Mama, Hayden and I met Courtney for lunch and then just enjoyed having the rest of the day off together. I can't wait until school is over so that Mama and Daddy can stay home all of the time! 11 more teaching days!! Here are the pictures from our busy weekend....
Hayden loves to swing, unlike me at that age.

I am a rock climbing pro!

I'm also getting good at the swings.

Pappy taught me how to pump my legs to
get higher.

Daddy and Hayden.

The sun was so bright that I wore Pappy's sunglasses for
the picture.

3 generations of Harbin boys.
Do you notice that Pappy and Daddy have on the same shirt?
BBQ time at BeBe and Pappy's

Hayden and Mama selfie.

Playing with Aubrey.

We walked over to the horse farm.

Ready to ride!
Our audience....Michelle, Hayden, Nina and Grandma Otto.

I insisted on riding by myself this time and I wanted the
white horse!

We didn't catch the horses name but she was lazy and
kept stopping. Hee Hee!

Big girl riding by myself!

Hayden was just hanging out.

Aubrey rode with Melissa since it was her first time.

We even got to pet a chicken!
Here are some videos of me riding the horse. My nose has been runny so you can hear me talking about my "boogies" on the one video. Ha! Ha!

Hayden fell asleep on the walk home.

Lindsey made these cool and yummy
jello treats.

Tummy time outside.
Here are Mama's "phone pictures". Again, not always the best quality but it's so convenient to take pictures on the phone.

I love riding my tricycle!
Hayden is happy to just hang out
outside in his stroller.
Hi, Mama!
He was just lounging with his feet up.
That boy loves his rice cereal...
...and I love feeding him.
Here you go, Hayden.
We got surprise mail from Oma and Opa.
New books!
Thank you! Danke!
Mama finally got her Mother's Day gift
in the mail too.
Silly Hayden put his foot on the tray.
What, Mama? These aren't good table
Little stinker!
Having fun with Xavier and Corinne at
Mama and Hayden selfie.
I joined in too.
I love my little brother.
This was Hayden looking at himself
on Mama's phone
Hey there, handsome!
Always ready to pose for a picture.
That Mama sure does take a lot of pictures.
But how could you not with two cuties like us?
I hope everyone had just as fabulous of a weekend as we did!

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