Saturday, May 17, 2014

Just Hanging Out With Mama

It's just been Mama, Hayden and me this weekend. Daddy and Andy have been camping out at the Nascar race since Friday morning. Today we met Aubrey and Lindsey at Jetton Park for a walk around the park, some playground time, and a picnic in the park. Here are some pictures from today...
Mama brought the big double stroller
but I actually walked with Aubrey the whole time.

Take a break by the lake.

Aubrey wanted to hold Hayden too.

Tummy time outside.

There was some kind of boating competition going on
that we were able to watch.

Mama and Hayden.

Aubrey and I enjoyed the swings.

Hayden enjoyed his first swing ride.
He wasn't too sure at first...

...but he enjoyed it more and more!

Hmm. What's going on here, Mama?
Mama took a video but it won't let her upload it. :-(
Mama also took Hayden down the slide.

HeeHee! Aubrey went down the slide
on my lap.

Picnic time!

Silly girls!

Best friends!
Here are some pictures from the last couple of days from Mama's phone...
Hayden is still waiting for his first taste of food.
Hi, Mama.
Happy boy!
Happy girl!
We miss Daddy and will be happy when he comes home tomorrow!

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