Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mamas out there! You may only be "celebrated" on one day of the year but really you should be celebrated every single day! It's a tough job and I know that I have been making it tougher lately with my tantrums. Oopsie! I do love my Mama very much and I know that she loves Hayden and me more than words could ever say. We have had a tradition (that started accidentally) but Mama and I have matched every Mother's Day so far. Here is a look at the past years and then all of the pictures from today
Our first Mother's Day in 2011
Brown and white.
2012 - Green and white
2013 - Yellow and White
This year's color and white!
We went to the same restaurant for breakfast again, City Tavern, with Pappy, BeBe and Nana and then went back to BeBe and Pappy's house to take a few more pictures. This afternoon we went to a little zoo called Zootastic where I got to feed lots of animals. The goats were my favorite. It was pretty hot out and Hayden got cranky....Mama had to carry him the whole time, but we had fun!
Here are lots and lots and lots of pictures from today.....
Selfie with Mama.

Mama's reason for celebrating today.

Hahaha! We have the same expression in this one!

One of Mama's students gave Mama this
awesome onesie.

Mama and me selfie.
Handsome guy!

Enjoying breakfast.
This was before my meltdown because I
wasn't sitting between Mama and Pappy.
As mentioned above, it's not always
the easiest job being a Mama!

Bebe, Nana and Pappy

Daddy and his Mommy

Pappy and his Mommy

The sun was so bright but we wanted to take a picture
in front of BeBe and Pappy's flowers.

Mama and Hayden selfie.

Fun at Zootastic...
Ready to go. This was before Hayden
got cranky.

This was my favorite goat.

Happy Mother's Day, Mama!

Mama took this one when we got home.
What a fun day! We have the best Mama (and Daddy) in the world!

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