Sunday, May 18, 2014

Future Equestrian?

Today I rode my very first horse! There is a horse farm close to BeBe and Pappy's house and we always see signs for horse and pony rides. When Mama asked me if I wanted to ride a horse today, I said yes! Mama and Daddy took me to the farm and sure enough I was brave enough and actually rode the horse! The owner's daughter, Melissa, rode with me. Daddy was the photographer and did an awesome job!
I tried on a fancy helmet but it was a
little too big for me.

Meeting the horse, Poco.

Getting ready to go...

Hi, Daddy!

Mama and Hayden took a picture with the horse too.
Mama took her Flip camera and captured a couple of short videos....
I had a lot of fun and want to go back some time!

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