Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Christmas in May

Yesterday it was like having Christmas in May! One of the families at Daddy's school gave us a bunch of awesome toys that they have outgrown. A big thank you to the Payne family! I got two new tricycles, a gas station pump, a new wooden train set, tons of puzzles and toys and an awesome kitchen!!! Here are some pictures of me with my new toys. Of course, I will share these with Hayden when he gets big enough to use them!

Riding my tricycle on this beautiful day!

Time to fill up with some gas!

Mama and Hayden selfie.

I rode my tricycle all the way to Ms. Angie's house.
She was outside so we took a picture with her.

I'm such a big girl!

Check out my new kitchen.

Baking a cake....
....and talking to Aubrey.

I love the apron and the chef hat!
Here is a little thank you message for the Payne family. We are really happy that you thought of us to give your toys to. I know that Hayden and I will play with them a lot! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Today Mama decided to give Hayden rice cereal for the first time so of course she took pictures and lots of videos. I was so excited to help feed him!

Hayden is thinking "What? I actually get to sit in my high
chair and eat food today?"

"Um, no pictures please, more food!"

Here are lots of videos. He really seemed to enjoy it!

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