Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy Birthday, Pappy!

Yesterday Pappy turned 60! We couldn't keep with tradition and surprise him at the police station because he's retired and lives here in Charlotte now but we did celebrate with him. BeBe tried to come up with a plan to surprise him by making up a story about Daddy's car being at  Kohl's and they had to meet us at the  Zaxby's parking lot because we were meeting the Mehalls for some event so that she could trick him into meeting Mama and Daddy at Duckworth's for dinner. Pappy said he didn't buy it and he knew there was something being planned. :-) Mama didn't get any pictures at the restaurant because I wanted to sit on her lap the entire time but here are some from BeBe and Pappy's house. Mama and I made a chocolate chip cookie cake.

Mama and Hayden

The birthday boy!



Hayden likes to check out his hands
and his feet.

Hanging out with Daddy.

Singing Happy Birthday.
I played around with Mama's camera later on and took these pictures....

I took a selfie! HeeHee!
It was a fun day celebrating with Pappy...hope he had fun too!

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