Friday, April 18, 2014

Frequent Flyer

On Monday Mama, Hayden and I flew to Pittsburgh to visit Oma and Opa. I'm becoming quite the frequent flyer and also introduced Hayden to flying! While we were there Mama took a ton of pictures so we will have to update over a few blogs. Here are days one and two...

Day 1: We headed to the airport for what we thought was our 10:00 a.m. flight. Mama went to check us in and it said we were too early. What?!? So apparently the flight was booked for 10:00 p.m. which Oma and Mama both failed to see on the itinerary. Oopsie! Luckily Mama was able to "upgrade" for $75 per person (Hayden didn't have to pay) and we were on our way...
Ready to go!
Brave Mama at the airport with both of us.
Waiting to get on the plane.
Selfie on the plane.
I love flying!

Oma and Opa were so excited to see us!

Hayden "talking" to Opa.

Hayden got a new blanket with his name
on it. He loved tummy time on it!

Waiting to help Oma make some noodles.

It was so much fun and I taste tested a lot!

Snuggling with Opa.

Hayden loved snuggling with Opa too!
Tabitha came over.
 Day 2: We went shopping in the morning and Oma and Opa bought me these really cool foam mats for the floor. Later on in the afternoon Mama's friends, Toni and Tara, came over so that they could work on wedding invitations for Tara's upcoming wedding. I had a great time playing with Dani! It was also great to meet Reagan for the first time....she was born two days after Hayden, on his original due date!
Playing with my new alphabet floor mats.

Hayden got a new Pittsburgh Pirates pacifier.

Hayden and Reagan meeting for the first time.
Hayden is only two days older than Reagan.

Dani and I loved playing with the big Diddle Mouse.

We had a great time playing together!

Hayden and Reagan.

Check out how tall I am!

Paulette and Hayden.

Lots of people came over to visit us on Tuesday. For some reason we didn't take a lot of pictures but it was great seeing everyone! Thanks Aunt Donna, Eileen, Jackie, Eric, Paulette, Rhonda, Katie, and Tabitha for coming over!

Lots more pictures to follow....

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