Saturday, April 5, 2014

First Carowinds Trip

Today we went to Carowinds with the Mehalls....another new first for me. Although I can't do much, I did ride one ride (the helicopters) and I enjoyed laying in my stroller. Mama didn't have me in my car seat so I was able to really stretch out! Ayla had so much fun going on the rides with Aubrey. Mama took a ton of pictures....
We went to breakfast at Panera.

Aubrey and her Mommy and Daddy met us there.

Ayla and Aubrey were excited to go on rides.

The swings were still Ayla's favorite.

Just hanging out in my stroller.

Ayla and Aubrey waiting for the show to start.
Mama and me selfie.

Lindsey and me.

Ayla got scared once the characters came
and this is how she sat on Mama's lap.
My first Carowinds ride - The Helicopters. Ours was blue.
Taking a snack break.

Ayla and Daddy
Mama and I went to see the dinosaurs. Ayla didn't
want to because she was scared.

Phew! What a fun and exhausting day!

We got our season passes today so there are many more Carowinds trips in our future.

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