Monday, April 14, 2014

Crib time!

It's update time! Mama meant to post this earlier but we've been busy busy busy! The biggest news is that I am now in my crib! I officially moved in last Sunday, April 6th. I like it a lot! I still get up around 3 a.m. for a nice little snack but I'm a good sleeper. Here are pictures of my first night in the crib and lots of other random pictures.
Testing out the crib.

I think I like it!
Ayla wanted to test it out too!
Apparently Ayla needed her sunglasses.
I can now roll over whenever I want.
I like to sleep on my belly!
Check out my snazzy robe from Mama's friend.

Hee Hee!
Ayla had a robe when she was a baby too!
I still love my snuggle time with my big sister!
And of course with Mama too!
Poor Ayla had the stomach bug last Thursday.
But now she's feeling better!
Yay for Spring Break!
We went to the White Water Center on Saturday.
Mama and Ayla.
Enjoying the sunshine!
Ayla got to enjoy some ice cream.
Believe it or not, those were all from Mama's phone. Here are some pictures from the actual camera....
Snoozing on my Daddy.

My crib with the new tree that Mama put up.

Daddy and Ayla at the White Water Center.

I love to roll over and I love tummy time!

Hi, Mama!

Just hanging out with Daddy.

Ayla like to play with her baseball bat at BeBe and Pappy's.

Ayla with Aunie Barbara and Auntie Barbara G.

They loved playing with Ayla (and of course snuggle me).
 Today we flew to Pennsylvania to visit Oma and Opa. Mama was so brave and flew with Ayla and me all by herself. Lots of pictures to follow soon. I promise....

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