Sunday, April 27, 2014

Busy and Hot Weekend!

I love the weekends and spending time with Mama and Daddy. We had a pretty busy one this weekend! On Friday we went to Duckworth's for dinner and then stopped at Birkdale Village. We got some frozen yogurt to share. Yummy!
Mama and Hayden
Yesterday we went to Statesville to visit Aubrey and her Mommy and Daddy. It was a beautiful day and we spent lots of time outside. Andy even got the swing out for Hayden and he enjoyed swinging in their yard. Mama bought some Easter Eggs at Walmart so that we could have a little egg hunt together.
Hayden loved the swing.
We squirted the daddies with water guns.

We had so much fun finding eggs.

Daddy and Hayden

Aubrey and I took a picture with Hayden.
Water balloon fun!
We had a tea party outside.

Hayden hung out with the daddies for a little bit.

Going for a walk around the neighborhood.

Tummy time with Hayden.

Hayden fell asleep and Mama put him on Aubrey's bed.
She went in and tucked him in.
Today we went to the White Water Center. This weekend they had a lot of activities going on. One of the activities was a rubber ducky race where all proceeds go to an organization called Kindermourn. It helps family members who have lost a loved one, especially children. We wanted to buy a ducky for the race but they were all sold out already. It was so hot that we ended up leaving early and not seeing the race. Hopefully next year!
Enjoying the sunshine.
Happy Hayden
Hayden and a big Ducky.

I got some new sunglasses and a
beach ball.
We enjoyed the rest of the day at home. Some inside and some outside.
Tummy time.
"Hey there!"
I insisted on wearing my pink dress
from Oma and Opa.
Mama made me change though when I
played in the water table.
Hayden snoozed in the shade.
Oh yeah, and check out Hayden hanging out in the Bumbo...he's getting so big!
"Hi, Mama!"
"This is so much fun!"
What a fun weekend! 7 more weeks of school and then Mama and Daddy get to stay home with us!

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