Saturday, April 19, 2014

Another New Friend

On Friday morning Mama's friend Leah and her little girl Delaney came to visit. Mama and Leah loved catching up and I loved playing with Delaney. Delaney and I even got to dye Easter Eggs for Oma and Opa. Toni and Dani stopped by one more time to play and say goodbye. It was a fun morning before we had to go to the airport to come back home.
Leah and Hayden

Delaney and I liked playing with Mama and Aunt Michelle's
Fisher Price house.

Getting ready to dye Easter Eggs.

Delaney and me.

Of course I had to pick blue, my favorite color.

So proud of our finished eggs.

A group shot with Leah and Delaney.

A group shot with Toni and Dani.

Just the kids.

Everyone group shot.
We missed you Tara and Reagan (that would have been
Mama's bridal party. Minus Aunt Michelle, of course)

Dani was excited to hold Hayden.
Thanks for driving down to see us Leah and Delaney and thanks Toni and Dani for my present and coming to say goodbye. We'll be home again in a few weeks for Tara's wedding.

Thanks Oma and Opa for all of the snuggles and fun! We love and miss you lots!!

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