Sunday, March 16, 2014

Color Me Green

Daddy and Pappy ran the "Color Me Green" 5K at the White Water Center yesterday morning. During their run, people threw this green stuff on them. They were a mess at the end of the race! Mama, Hayden, BeBe and I met them at the White Water Center after the race. They had their St. Patrick's Day celebration yesterday and turned the rapids bright green! Daddy and Pappy got us a nice spot to sit at and enjoy the view. Mama took lots of pictures....
Messy Daddy and Pappy.

The sun was in my eyes. 

Our view.

Hayden and Daddy.


Hayden and Mama.

Snuggle time on the blanket in the sunshine.

Pappy and me.

Mama and me.

Hanging out with BeBe.

Hi,  Hayden!

The bright green rapids.

Daddy and me.

Hayden slept in the shade for a little bit.

Sibling snuggles.

Smooches for Hayden.

A family picture.
I think this is our first one since Hayden was born!
Shocker, I know!
Oh, and in case you can't tell by the pictures...the weather was gorgeous! Mid 70s!

Last night Mama, Hayden and I went to our friend Lisa's birthday party. Here are some pictures from her party....
Hayden and the birthday girl!


Hayden and Michelle.
She was practicing because she's having a
baby boy in May.

Here are also a few pictures from this past week. The weather was really nice at the beginning of the week so we went to the park after school one day.

Mama captured Hayden's pout face.
He's cute even when he pouts!

We went to see some of Mama's students
perform in their Aladdin play.
It was really good!
Here are Mama's "phone favorites" from the past week....
Chubber cheeks!
Hayden got mail from Great Uncle Tom and
Great Aunt Geri.
Thank you!
Happy Hayden.
Ready to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!
Here's to hoping that this work week goes by as fast as last week's did! I love having Mama and Daddy home on the weekends!

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