Sunday, March 9, 2014

Appreciating Weekends!

Mama had to go back to work on Thursday, March 6th. It was not fun at all! She cried Wednesday night while she nursed me, Thursday morning while she nursed me, and again when she had to say good bye to Ayla and me, and all the way to work....and...pretty much until her students got there and she had to pull herself together. Her students were very happy to see her though and are making the transition a little easier.
Ohh snuggle time on Thursday! Bliss!

Mama's cuties!

Tummy time in the new play room.

Happy boy!
Yesterday the Mehall's came over for a play date. Ayla had a great time playing with Aubrey, the daddies had their own fun, and I enjoyed snuggling with Lindsey. Here are pictures from yesterday.
Mama made the girls Mickey Mouse pizzas.

We went for a walk to go play at the playground.

Ayla and Aubrey brought their strollers too.

Best Friends!

Mama made green rice krispy treats to celebrate
St. Patrick's day a little early. She made Ayla and
Aubrey their own A's.

They also got to do a craft...they made shamrocks
with green tissue paper.
Here are a few pictures from today....
Good morning!

Squeaky clean after bath time.
Mama also has to add some pictures from last Wednesday. We met up with some of her Pawtuckett friends and their babies. She didn't take a lot of pictures there but she took some before we left.

Me and Raeya. She's 3 weeks younger than me.
Here's to hoping for a super quick work week for Mama so we can enjoy the weekend again!

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