Sunday, March 30, 2014

Go Buccos!

It's weekly update time! All of the pictures below were taken on Mama's phone so they aren't necessarily the best quality but you can still see how cute I am! :-) 
Daddy bought me this Pittsburgh Pirates shirt before I was even born. It's 3 to 6 months and now it fits nicely (at least for a little while longer...I'm growing and growing!) Mama took lots of pictures....
Ayla got this new Mickey Mouse chair and I tested it out too...
Just checking out my toes.
Here are the rest of Mama's phone pictures from this past week...
This is a 6 month outfit from
Great Uncle Dan and Great Aunt Kathy
Comparison picture of Ayla and me when she
was my age.
One more comparison picture. That's Ayla's
3 month old picture....that will be me tomorrow!!
I still love snuggle time with Ayla at bed time.
Stay tuned for my 3 month blog tomorrow...can you believe it?!?!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fresh Air and Friends

Yesterday was a gorgeous day! The weather was in the high 70s! Daddy and Pappy were gone all morning because they did their Spartan Race again. Mama, Hayden and I took a walk in our neighborhood and I got to play at the playground. I call it "My Park". Mama took lots of pictures on her phone during our walk and at the playground. Oh yeah, I took my baby in her stroller....I like to be just like Mama!
Ready for our walk.
The neighborhood is full of these
gorgeous trees right now.
Selfie with Mama take 1
Selfie with Mama take 2
I climbed up and down this twisty pole
 a bunch of times!
Hayden was stylish in a new sun hat
from BeBe and Pappy.
Mama had a mini photo shoot yesterday. That outfit that Hayden is's a 6 month outfit! He's growing, growing, growing....
Sibling love!
Last night the Otto's came over. The Daddies watched wrestling on T.V. and I played with Nina. She's getting so big now and is almost walking! I loved showing her how to play with all of the toys and teaching her new things.
Nina had to check out Hayden.

I showed Nina my memory game. It's still one of
my favorite things to play with.

Hayden and Michele.

Nina was checking out Hayden's play mat.

I showed Nina how to color and use stickers.
Here are also some of Mama's "phone favorites" from the past week...
Mama and Hayden snuggles.
Happy Hayden
Mama and Hayden selfie
Check out how long he is!!
Lastly, here are two videos of Hayden.....
Hayden was looking at himself in Mama's phone during this video. :)
This is Hayden's current position. He LOVES his "Twinkle Twinkle Star" from BeBe's friend, Barbara. Thank you! I also decided that he needs my baby doll too.
Today it's cold and rainy...the perfect day for sleeping and snuggling. Daddy bought me the movie "Frozen" yesterday so today will be a perfect day to snuggle on the couch and watch it. 

Love and miss you all!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Color Me Green

Daddy and Pappy ran the "Color Me Green" 5K at the White Water Center yesterday morning. During their run, people threw this green stuff on them. They were a mess at the end of the race! Mama, Hayden, BeBe and I met them at the White Water Center after the race. They had their St. Patrick's Day celebration yesterday and turned the rapids bright green! Daddy and Pappy got us a nice spot to sit at and enjoy the view. Mama took lots of pictures....
Messy Daddy and Pappy.

The sun was in my eyes. 

Our view.

Hayden and Daddy.


Hayden and Mama.

Snuggle time on the blanket in the sunshine.

Pappy and me.

Mama and me.

Hanging out with BeBe.

Hi,  Hayden!

The bright green rapids.

Daddy and me.

Hayden slept in the shade for a little bit.

Sibling snuggles.

Smooches for Hayden.

A family picture.
I think this is our first one since Hayden was born!
Shocker, I know!
Oh, and in case you can't tell by the pictures...the weather was gorgeous! Mid 70s!

Last night Mama, Hayden and I went to our friend Lisa's birthday party. Here are some pictures from her party....
Hayden and the birthday girl!


Hayden and Michelle.
She was practicing because she's having a
baby boy in May.

Here are also a few pictures from this past week. The weather was really nice at the beginning of the week so we went to the park after school one day.

Mama captured Hayden's pout face.
He's cute even when he pouts!

We went to see some of Mama's students
perform in their Aladdin play.
It was really good!
Here are Mama's "phone favorites" from the past week....
Chubber cheeks!
Hayden got mail from Great Uncle Tom and
Great Aunt Geri.
Thank you!
Happy Hayden.
Ready to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!
Here's to hoping that this work week goes by as fast as last week's did! I love having Mama and Daddy home on the weekends!