Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekend Fun

We had a fun family weekend. Yesterday we all went to the Whitewater Center to enjoy the nice weather and last night we went to dinner at Chili's. We even got dessert to share! Yummy!
This morning I went to get my hair cut. Although I have gotten my hair cut in the past, this was my first time sitting in a chair at a hair cutting salon. This was a special place just for kids. We went to a place called "Snip Its" in Birkdale. Mama took lots of pictures and even a video. Here are lots of pictures to enjoy....
I took my baby doll and stroller to be
just like Mama.
Chubber cheeks slept the whole time. :-)
Crossing over the bridge.
Mama put me on this big rock for this
cool picture.
I climbed the kid rock climbing wall.
We ate lunch at the Whitewater Center.
Dinner at Chili's.
Check out that dessert!
Here are pictures from today's hair cut....

Before back.
Check out that random spot of super
long hair!

I did a puzzle with Daddy while we waited.

Ohh! I wasn't so sure about this hair
cut thing!

Guess who slept again???

I was a little shy at first.

I became braver during the hair cut.

Checking myself out in the mirror.

I even got a pretty braid and ribbon
put in my hair.

After back.
Woah! What a difference.

So after my hair cut, I got to put this card into a special machine that gave me a treat. It was pretty neat!

Random phone pictures from this weekend....
Snuggles with Hayden on a rainy morning.
Check out this smooch face!
Mama and Hayden snuggles.
Silly pictures with Mama (taken today)....

Lastly, here is a birthday shout out for Oma. It's her birthday today.....

Phew! What a fun and busy weekend!

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